Care Package

Take care of your team this season with our care package. Give us a budget and we will custom plan your care package with different options.

  1. Personalized messages and curated boxes sent directly to employees (we've sent to thousands of employees!)
  2. More than 50 wholesome snack creations
  3. Gift Credits for each WFH employee to choose their own snacks
  4. Personal Care Add Ons: Face Mask, Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes and Hand & Surface Sanitiser
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Office snacks

Delicious healthy snacks for awesome offices and happy teams!

  1. Events
  2. Office Pantry & Catering
  3. Corporate Gift
  4. Meetings & Workshops
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Vending machines

Singapore’s first healthy snack and beverage cashless vending machine can be quickly deployed in corporate and public spaces, as well as events. 


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